Traffic jams expected again from September

The September school-start season, the end of summer holidays burden every year the traffic by causing major congestions on roads.The formation of traffic jams depend on various factors, for instance on driving style, road conditions and the time of day in question. According to Best Way Traffic Ltd that deals with analysing traffic data the autumn traffic congestion season is unavoidable, but on the basis of the experiences gained till now the traffic gets back to normal in October.


The autumn is approaching, this season is typically the time for returning to work and for starting the school. The summer holiday period ends in September, everybody returns to work. All this means in terms of traffic that the empty downtown streets will be filled again with drivers hurrying towards schools and workplaces each morning and it increases the possibility of formation traffic jams. Nor is it fortunate that in majority of schools and workplaces the day beginns almost in the same time period ( between 8-9 o’clock ), so many people are forced to move quite slowly on roads. In autumn the rainy and cloudy days become more frequent, this fact renders the situation more difficult because more drivers sit behind the wheel than as usual and it slows down the traffic. At the same time, the traffic becomes more dangerous, drivers are more irresolute due to the changed road conditions and the new traffic situation.


„Our company- by means of the WebEye telematics system – collects and analyses the current national traffic data. In our experience, there are more factors influencing the formation of traffic jams, one of these factors is the driving style.In many cases the only reason for traffic jam is that the drivers are not cautious enough and take wrong decisions. respectively they don’t inform themselves properly before starting.” – Ferenc Szvétek, expert of Best Way Traffic said.


Drivers moving ahead slowly during the peak hours in the morning are susceptible to make some typical mistakes and all this can lead to traffic congestion:


„The experiences of the last few years have shown that major traffic jams are to be expected at the start of the school term this year as well.At that time some weeks are usually necessary till drivers get used to the changed conditions and form the daily traffic routine again.In all probability, the traffic will return to its daily routine in October.” – the expert added.