The backstage secrets of the EU Presidency

A Europe-wide successful Hungarian company ensured the safety of thousands of diplomats on the road. During the six months of the Hungarian EU Presidency, monitoring the fleet of 148 vehicles transporting the diplomats and distinguished guests was one of the greatest logistic challenges.


The task that was of key importance because of the external image of the country was successfully completed, thanks to Best Way Traffic, a member of a Hungarian- owned transportation informatics group operating in 14 European countries.


The company supported the work of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with its dynamic traffic congestion monitoring system and other innovative technological solutions, enabling that the thousands of EU diplomats who visited the Hungarian Presidency programmes arrived fast and safely at the locations.


The monitoring of the148- vehicle fleet which was provided for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Porsche AG and operated by the Republic Guard Regiment - 48 Audi A8 3.0 TDI Quattro, 50 Audi A7 3.0 TDI Quattro and 50 Volkswagen Multivan – required extensive professional preparation. The technology developed by the transportation informatics group, Lambda-Com Ltd. meets the highest quality standards and enabled up-to-the-minute information for the colleagues of the Republic Guard Regiment regarding when a vehicle started, arrived at its destination or a stopover, how long it stayed and how many kilometres it travelled. The Guard Regiment could monitor the routes of delegations and the exact movement of vehicles in a real-time manner. Moreover, the vehicles could always avoid congested high-traffic routes with the help of the so-called speed map, ensuring the timely arrival of diplomats at the EU-Presidency events.


‘Upon planning the routes, our own developed, dynamic traffic congestion monitoring system made the real-time traffic information on traffic situation, congestions and road closures constantly available for the fleet members. The system enabled the delegation immediate rerouting upon need’ – emphasised Szvétek Ferenc, managing director of Best Way Traffic Ltd. on the successful completion of the project.We can cut back not only on fuel but also on other excise goods and services, and luxury goods, too. Recently, another way to save fuel is gaining popularity. Neighbours join and share their cars to do the weekly shopping.


‘Our system performed well during the Hungarian presidential programme which posed a complex professional challenge, therefore we trust that also other countries holding the rotating presidency will realize the advantages of our own developed technological solutions and apply them, since large-scale events of this and similar kind require up-to-date, reliable traffic information for the fast and secure movement of fleets’ - Szvétek Ferenc added.


Best Way Traffic Ltd. is a member of Lambda-Com transportation informatics Group, with the Group present in 14 countries in Europe. The traffic data deriving from another Group member’s, WebEye’s system, which provides telematics services for over 21 thousand vehicles, serve as the basis for the dynamic route planning provided by the company.