October’s jetlag – more traffic jams and more accidents expected

Setting our clocks regarding to Daylight Saving Time it is hard to bear for our body, especially in the fall. At this time people tend to be more nervous for days, and the suddenly arrived dark afternoons make it more serious. According to the observations of Best Way Ltd. dealing with traffic data analyzing all these circumstances take effect on traffic: in average in these days 2 % more accidents occur.




Daylight Saving Time – “Spring forward, Fall back” – was introduced in 1976 for economic reasons since in the summertime energy could be saved in public lightning. Today, in the age of modern electric networks and automatic lighting it makes no sense. But the effect on physiology that bothers our body is proven. In this period a phenomenon similar to the so-called ‘jetlag’ can be appear, when the real time and mental time is became different. This can cause tiredness and nervousness by unbalance our daily rhythm. The situation expires in a few days, however while this period it is useful to pay more attention to daily tasks, especially during driving a car, since most of the accidents are caused by the lack of enough attention.


‘The Fall back of October influence the traffic too. For example, one goes, drives, rides or walks home from work at 5 PM on Friday, 26 October even in daylight, but on Monday, 28 October at 5 PM in twilight it is already dark for drivers. According to traffic data of recent years collected by our telematic system we can say that after the clock setting the traffic temporary slows down for a few days, 2 % more accidents and more traffic jams occur on the roads.’ – said Ferenc Szvétek, the expert of BestWay Traffic Ltd.


For what issues shall we pay more attention after the days of Fall back:


‘A few days after Fall back the participants of the traffic comfort themselves to the effects of the clocks setting, and the everyday traffic will return. Till then it is important to take care of each other’s security, try to be calm and sober in occurring problems, so we can get through this stressful temporary period.’ – the expert added.