How to cut back on expenses after the price increases?

The number of cars on the roads is at least 30 per cent lower than usual due to the price increases in January. In the country, even more decided not to use their car. Following price increases, people normally cut back on entertainment and luxury goods first.


Drivers say it takes 10-15 minutes less to cross Budapest than in the rest of the year. And this is not only due to January, but also the ever increasing fuel prices. Of course, not everyone can do without their car, such as taxi drivers. Here you have some hints from one of them on how to save fuel.

Keeping these in mind we may save up to half a litre fuel per hundred kilometres.


The director of a company operating also in the field of traffic congestion monitoring claims: in January, their maps display much more green, clear roads than red traffic congestions. There are few cars in the whole country and in rural cities, too. Moreover, the graph shows this year that car use this month has decreased even compared to last January. Fuel prices have increased 20-25 per cent in one year.


We can cut back not only on fuel but also on other excise goods and services, and luxury goods, too. Recently, another way to save fuel is gaining popularity. Neighbours join and share their cars to do the weekly shopping.