What type of driver are you?

Ask someone this question only if you have enough time and are sure you will not get into any arguments. Those with a fresh driving licence will be truly enthusiastic telling their road stories; experienced drivers will have real feelings too when telling you about their experiences with fresh drivers. There are all sorts of drivers: the Sunday, the hat, the riding daddy’s car, the10:10, etc. drivers. But what about those who let you in when overtaking or simply thanked your help by pushing the hazard switch. Almost every morning I intentionally help someone in a hurry or who failed to change lanes in time, or is just driving aggressively. What for? Conflicts are resolved immediately, as the one in a hurry immediately struggles with another driver for a further 25 metre advantage, which they of course lose by the next traffic lights because of the traffic rhythm. It is typical anywhere in Hungary that drivers drive faster in the ending lane than in the straight lane. They must be in a real hurry. But if all drivers were in a hurry, the straight lane could be empty, right? Yes, drivers keep pushing their ways in from the ending lane, keeping up others. Could this be changed? What type of driver are you? Would you let someone get ahead of you to help your lane progress faster? What do you think others responded? You will soon find out, when your lane is about to end.


The tendency is clearly improving on motorways, but unfortunately, this is not due to the change in traffic culture, but to fewer cars because of fuel prices and the steep fines. In other European countries (Germany, Italy) you will be glad to see that on the motorway high-speed cars from behind will not start flashing their brights or drive up close behind. I observed that after driving 1 000 km in a sophisticated traffic environment, Hungarian drivers too can get used to not honking others off the road because they will pull over, or being attentive with vehicles behind, etc. It is true, however, that when the before mentioned driver returned to Hungary, he would soon switch back to ‘Hungarian mode’ driving on M7 motorway. How is that?