Best Way Traffic Közlekedésinformatikai Kft.


Our BestWay service focuses mainly but not exclusively on processing, evaluating data arising from Lambda-Com Group’s services, and transforming these into information.


During the professional business processes, the most diverse, mainly raw data arise, whose gathering, storage, archiving and processing poses a real challenge to companies, who often decline the opportunity of collecting data due to their inability to retrieve information relying on their own resources. Our experiences indicate that decision-makers often base their strategic and tactical decisions on very little information, although decision –making processes have better and more accurate results with the use of data mining, information technology and geographic information system tools.


The complex BestWay services enable our customers to base their decision-making on their own data or on market data. Our processing system relies on innovative mathematical, information technology and geographic information system tools, enabling us to utilize the results of great masses of processed data also in online systems, for example for the transportation industry in the field of dynamic traffic data usage and processing.


With the help of the WebEye and DataFlow systems, and by processing the data arising from our customers’ business activities, we can make decision-making more efficient and faster.